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Posted by Robert Chady on October 10, 2023 Uncategorized

Why Everyone Will Love a Floral Experience for the Holidays

In the midst of the holiday frenzy and everything you have to get done, there’s an important mission that can be quite challenging: finding gifts that everyone you’re shopping for this year will appreciate. With diverse ages and tastes to think about, plus a variety of lifestyles to consider, this can present you with quite the puzzle. Luckily, the rise of gifting experiences over material objects has made the whole endeavor easier, with options like travel adventures, concert tickets, Airbnb gift cards, and zoo visits. At The Flower Houses, the finest florist in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida, we have an idea that will put a smile on everyone’s face: a flower design workshop!

Experiences Can Be Worth More Than Things

Being a minimalist isn’t necessary to see the value of experience gifts over tangible, physical possessions. Scientific research concludes that experiences result in more satisfaction and enduring happiness. The stages of “experience gifts” are the fun of first receiving the gift, getting ready for the event, the pleasure of the experience itself, and the enduring memories that follow. While this cycle of delight is similar for all experience gifts, a floral design workshop offers an extra perk: You get to admire your own creative handiwork with flowers at the end.

It’s a Gift That Keeps on Giving

When choosing presents for special occasions, particularly during the winter holiday season, flowers are a classic option. They add holiday cheer to any space, and serve as festive table decorations when you’re hosting holiday gatherings. If you’re looking to make your gift truly memorable, consider flower design classes; they are a unique combination of experience and creativity. After a workshop spent enjoying fizzy beverages, sweet treats, and lively conversations, you’ll leave with a fresh flower arrangement, a pleasant reminder of the time you had making it.

It’s a Fun Way to Bond With Loved Ones

Artistic abilities are not a prerequisite for having fun at a floral design class. Whether you’re arranging an activity for family members who are in town or hosting a relaxed holiday workshop with friends, it’s a fun and heartwarming way to connect with loved ones. Laughing together, embracing mistakes, and appreciating each other’s work will result in a wealth of cherished memories and a holiday bouquet that radiates happiness.

Creating Something & Learning a New Skill Is Good for You

This holiday season, consider gifting yourself with the opportunity to discover a new talent and uncover your untapped artistic potential through floral arranging. This historic art form has so many nuances that even longtime designers continue to find them in their daily work. If your everyday life consists of desk-based tasks and endless computer screens, venturing into a new creative pursuit can serve as an invigorating exercise for your mental and physical well-being.

Flowers Make People Happy

It’s a certainty that fresh floral arrangements provide us with cheer and solace – two sentiments we should spread with gusto during the holiday season. With their holiday fragrances, seasonal hues, and enchanting shapes, it’s a challenge not to smile when you’re around a bouquet of blossoms. In addition to promoting emotional health and mental well-being, flowers have a positive and profound influence on our relationships, productivity, concentration, memory, and overall well-being. If you want to learn more, you can click here to explore the many health benefits of flowers.

Flowers bring us happiness, and during the holidays, spreading joy is essential. Let the experts at The Flower Houses of Southwest Florida help you boost your serotonin with a floral design class. We’re standing by to assist you!

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