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The Flower Houses

Posted by Robert Chady on June 23, 2023 Uncategorized

The Perfect Flowers & Plants to Bring Good Luck

Breathing life into your home with the vibrant touch of plants and flowers immediately revitalizes the ambiance and has been shown to elevate moods. Some plants and fresh flowers go a step beyond and act as magnets for positivity, good luck, fortune, longevity, love, and more. At The Flower Houses of Southwest Florida in Cape Coral & Fort Myers, there is no easier way to elevate your surroundings than with these reinvigorating plants and colorful blooms renowned for drawing in good vibes and prosperity. From birthday presents and holiday gifts to “get well soon” and “congratulations” sentiments, these good luck charms are perfect for all occasions.

Plants that Bring Good Luck

Lucky Bamboo in ceramic pot

Lucky Bamboo

Famed in Chinese tradition, Lucky Bamboo is known to usher good fortune, resilience, well-being, and prosperity into its environment. Elegant bamboo plants enhance the flow of upbeat energy throughout your home, making them not just purveyors of luck and tranquility but thoughtful and unique gifts.

small money tree in yellow pot

Money Tree

A favored indoor plant that injects verve into your home, the Money Tree is considered a precursor of luck and affluence. Sporting glossy green leaves and a braided trunk that is said to entrap good luck, it’s a naturally artistic-looking lucky charm yearning to be admired.

green jade plant in terraotta pot

Jade Plant

As per Feng Shui, plants sporting rounded leaves are luck magnets. The Jade plant, a succulent species, boasts round, thick, lush leaves believed to usher in prosperity and triumph. Often presented to new business owners for good luck in their new endeavors, jade plants are an equally fitting addition to any home.

snake plant in square white pot with white stones

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant, with its sharp, pointed leaves resembling swords, symbolizes a plant’s ability to cut through hurdles, obstacles, and life challenges with enthusiasm. Esteemed as an excellent air purifier, snake plants are considered lucky for their ability to absorb negative ions and toxins from their environment.

Flowers that Bring Good Luck

Blue and Lavender Hydrangea


Hydrangeas have lush, full blooms believed to symbolize good luck and abundant fortune. Blooming in blue, purple, pink, and white, hydrangeas epitomize enlightenment, gratitude, and spirituality. Their charming and timeless appeal makes them the ideal flower for any occasion.

dark pink peonies up close


The luxuriantly lavish peony stands for good health, happiness, and prosperity. Furthermore, a profusion of peonies signals immense luck. However, luck seekers be warned, if you allow your peonies to fade or dry out,  you may be inviting misfortune into your life.

dark pink mums in garden


Chrysanthemums are lauded for their fantastic positive energy currents and ability to attract good luck. Although their symbolism varies with their hues, these autumn beauties generally represent happiness, friendship, and well-being.

yellow and orange marigolds


Sporting radiant yellow and gold petals, Marigolds are synonymous with a pot of gold at a rainbow’s end. Connected to good fortune and luck, these flowers are also credited with warding off malevolent spirits. So, whether you’re gearing up for the spooky season or want to brighten your home with lucky golden blooms, don’t overlook sweet marigolds.

purple and white Phalaenopsis Orchid


The exotic beauties of the plant world, orchids have long symbolized fertility and abundance and are known to bring grace, harmony, and good fortune into your space. Since orchids are found in an array of bright, symbolic hues, they will offer significant meaning to fit any celebration or sentiment.

Whether you’re looking to infuse good luck and positivity into your loved one’s life or want to enhance your own good fortune, discover these lucky plants, blooms, and more at The Flower Houses of Southwest Florida.