The Flower Houses

The Flower Houses

Posted by Robert Chady on September 6, 2023 Uncategorized

Spooky Flower Designs for Your Haunted House

As spooky season approaches, it’s time to don warm sweaters, set the mood with dim lighting, light up candles, enjoy Halloween films, and transform your house into a haunted dwelling with creepy seasonal decor and fresh flowers in vases. With an abundant selection to choose from at the Flower Houses of Southwest Florida, the top florist in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, we’ll guide you to the most spine-chilling, eerie, and unsettling blooms that impeccably match your ghoulish aesthetic. From deep, dark, and muted color blends to surprising textures of the season – and don’t forget about the Halloween elements and shapes – there are ample ways to fashion a bouquet that perfectly suits a haunted house without relying on conventional bright orange Halloween energy.

Vase Choices

The kind of vase you use is crucial when crafting a creepy arrangement of blooms. Consider using a jack-o-lantern, skull, cauldron, or vintage teapot to create an eerie haunted house aesthetic for a Halloween theme. You can also select a traditional vase that’s black, gray, brown, green, or a muted tone of your favorite autumnal shade for a super spooky touch.

Deep & Dark Colored Blooms

It’s not surprising that numerous haunted floral arrangements feature dark-colored and deep black blooms, such as deep purple calla lilies, crimson amaranthus, onyx baccara roses, and even burgundy, scarlet, or brown sunflowers. While some blooms are popular throughout the year, others become the focus during the fall. Yet, their striking, nearly black tones bring a creepy yet fresh quality to Halloween and spooky season.

Light & Ghostly Colored Blooms

Adding a sense of eeriness to this season’s decor can be achieved through dramatic contrasts. While colors like dark black and ebony bring drama, white flowers introduce ghostly characteristics to a floral arrangement. Including snowy ranunculus, light quicksand roses, pure white chrysanthemums — we’re fond of spider mums — and dusty miller as an accent chillingly complements the deeper-hued blooms. Arranging these white flowers mindfully can evoke the image of ghosts floating or moving above headstones.

Fall Accents

Flowers can enhance your spooky home decor, but adding seasonal details will take it up a notch and evoke the feeling of autumn. Scabiosa pods and purple filler flowers are fantastic choices to accompany any fall blooms. Shaping branches into eerie forms, including feathers to honor blackbirds, and bringing in dried floral elements will help invite an authentic Halloween vibe and the season’s essence to life.

Halloween Elements

The last piece of the Halloween display puzzle is rounding it out with iconic eerie touches. Arrange them in your floral arrangement amidst black cats, crystals, bats, eyeballs, spiders, spellbooks, and other spooky characters to create a spine-chilling tableau. You can even include similar Halloween-themed accessories within the bouquet, complementing the fresh blossoms and fall accents. Whether placed on a living room mantel, dining table, or kitchen countertop, this arrangement will infuse your space with an intensified yet posh haunted house aura.

Transform your dwelling into a haunted mansion with bewitching fall floral creations. You’ll weave an enchanting tapestry of spookiness by combining rich, dark tones and ghostly whites, along with seasonal accents and traditional adornments. Unleash the allure of Halloween with floral designs from the Flower Houses of Southwest Florida.