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The Flower Houses

Posted by Robert Chady on June 23, 2023 | Last Updated: June 24, 2023 Uncategorized

Greeting Your Loved Ones in the Hospital With Fresh Blooms

A hospital stay can be difficult whether it is due to illness or injury. One great way to perk up friends or family who have been admitted is to bring them a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to add fragrance and color to the room. Flowers can lift a person’s mood and give them a focal point of beauty and tranquility. In fact, those who receive flowers instead other gifts are more likely to remain happier for a longer period of time. What a wonderful way to bring some cheer and love into a patient’s life!

The floral gurus here at The Flower Houses of Southwest Florida in Cape Coral and Fort Myers have ample years of experience delivering flowers in the greater Southwest Florida area. We would be happy to share advice about the ideal floral arrangements that will bring in the sunshine to a patient in the hospital.

Tips for Sending Flowers to the Hospital

  1. Select bright colors! Yellow blossoms are a wonderful way to add vibrance to a particularly drab hospital room. Consider bouquets with bright flowers including golden blooms in a lovely vase.
  2. Think smaller, not larger. Big bouquets can be overwhelming visually, and potentially can interfere with vital care practices. Smaller arrangements will also be easier to take home later. Opt for those that pack a punch in small and colorful containers filled with orange roses, yellow daisies, and other warm options
  3. Choose flowers that are easy to look after. Shop for arrangements that need minimal light and water to stay perky.
  4. Choose blooms housed in a solid container. This can include brightly-colored flowers in a cylindrical vase, ideal for moving the arrangement as needed around the room.
  5.  Choose flowers that are safe. Remember that many people will be coming in and out of your loved one’s hospital room, and even though they may not have allergies, someone else may. Hypoallergenic flowers are a great option if you want to to avoid unnecessary issues.

Choose the Right Bouquet for the Occasion

Did you know that many flower bouquets have special meanings? When selecting flowers, think about the message you want to send to your loved one.

  • Daffodils: These bright and cheerful flowers symbolize new beginnings and a long life. With their stunning hues ranging from pale yellow to luscious gold, daffodils will bring tons of sunshine into any space.
  • Bird of Paradise: Symbolizing both joy and freedom, this cheerful and tropical plant will bring a slice of paradise into any hospital room.
  • Daisies: With their bright white petals, you can easily see why these blooms are a symbol of both innocence and purity.
  • Iris: A herald of good news, irises are a great option with so many colors available — and good news is no doubt welcomed by hospital patients.
  • Chrysanthemums: Their variety of shades like orange, gold, and yellow make these flowers a patient favorite. Symbolizing optimism and long life, these blossoms will be cherished by those you love.

Flowers have the power to bring love and cheer to the room, as well as breath of fresh air for the patient. The Flower Houses of Southwest Florida can deliver the perfect bouquet to your loved one, so contact us to deliver smiles today.