Our History

We Believe in the Impact of Flowers

After decades of working in the tech industry in Northern Wisconsin, the Chady family packed up the car - with five out of seven children, two dogs, and everything they owned - and drove to Florida with their eye on a new endeavor. Ready to invest all they had into the floral industry, Robert and Lisa Chady purchased The Flower Houses of Southwest Florida. For months they poured blood, sweat, and tears into their operation, driven by their mission to provide their Fort Myers and Cape Coral communities with custom arrangements made of the freshest flowers.

However, the path to prosperity was less than linear: A week and a half after the grand opening, disaster struck as Hurricane Ian ravaged Southwest Florida, forcing the Chadys to close the doors of The Flower Houses of Southwest Florida. Like so many in the area, everything was turned upside down for the family and the floral shop by the devastating and relentless storm. But they persevered in the face of adversity, true to the resilient spirit of Cape Coral and Fort Myers. Once again, Robert and Lisa turned on the lights and opened the doors of the flower shop, ready for the road ahead. They were the first to resume deliveries to Sanibel Island, which was significantly impacted by the hurricane.

Recovery wouldn't have been possible without the talented and committed staff of The Flower Houses of Southwest Florida. They are the true soul of the shop, with decades of experience and a true passion for their work. The designers, customer service associates, and drivers make the operation exceptional, providing customers with premium service.

Today, the Chadys serve Southwest Florida with a renewed vigor and determination to spread joy and help everyone "find their happy." They have been delivering beautiful custom flower arrangements daily since reopening, brightening one doorstep at a time.